Professional Collaboration and Trainings




To equip teachers, educators and healthcare professionals with skills when getting along with children with special education needs. At the same time, they will be able to provide assistance to families and children in building their own stages.


LEGO® - Based Therapy Professional Training

These training courses are officially endorsed by Bricks for Autism (C.I.C),
and Cambridge University's Autism Research Centre, UK.
這些培訓課程得到Play Included和英國劍橋大學自閉症研究中心的正式認可。




This one-day introductory course is suitable for teachers and social workers who work with young people struggling with social communication. We offer trainings for professionals about how to deliver LEGO® -based therapy for children with autism and other social communication difficulties.

課程內容  Course Outline

• 簡介和背景  Introduction
• 實習及體驗活動   Hands-one practice
• 輔導員的角色與介入   Role of facilitator and adaptation
• 相關評估、檢討和研究   Assessment, evaluation and research
• 工作上的應用及相關問題   Application to your own setting and questions
• 技能建設和培訓工具   Skill building and training tools

地點  Venue   Let’s Go, 190 Nathan Road, Tsimshatsui
費用 Fee   HKD 4,500 The fee includes:
    1.  Certificate issued by Play Included
    2. Facilitator logins from Play Included to use the database
    3.  $500 LEGO® bricks set
    4.  Material set for running Bricks Club, such as regulation cards, LEGO® name cards designed by Stage Edu Net
導師 Trainer   Licensed Trainer of LEGO® - Based Therapy of Play Included


Six Bricks Professional Training

The Lead Trainer is directly by Care for Eduction,
whose competent to conduct the Level 1 & 2 Six Bricks Training Workshops.


Six Bricks is a concept designed to excite and motivate young children in the classroom to attain the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for success in later life. To help the formation of a young learner’s brain, developmentally appropriate early experiences and relationships are vital. The Six Bricks activities are short, simple exercises or games designed to wake up the brain and get the child moving, thinking and remembering. They are not intended to be a curriculum, but they do support all areas of development in the curriculum.

  課程內容  Course Outline

  • 簡介和背景  Introduction
  • 實習及體驗活動   Hands-one practice
  • 輔導員的角色與介入   Role of facilitator and adaptation
  • 相關評估、檢討和研究   Assessment, evaluation and research

Level 1 Level 2 Deep Drive
時間 Duration 2 .5hours 2 .5hours 10:30 - 16:30
要求 Requirements No experience required Completion Level 1 Completion of level 1 and 2
 證書由以下機構頒發Certificate issued by Six Bricks & Playbox Hong Kong, recognized by Care for Education, South Africa
地點 Venue Let’s Go, 190 Nathan Road, Tsimshatsui
導師 Trainer The Lead Trainer is directly trained by Care for Education


Let’s Go Building @ Play and Game Training Workshop


積木對大人小朋友來說的確有種難以言喻的魔力,砌出來的模型也能造出無限想像。本工作坊透過積木遊戲,讓參加者體驗從遊戲中學習。玩是我們大腦最喜歡的學習方式!研究顯示,遊戲是我們培養終身學習能力的最重要技能之一。 玩讓我們能夠探索、解決問題、培養創造力和同理心等素養,有助建立促進溝通和團隊合作等技能的。


1. 認識兒童遊戲發展理論
2. 體驗LEGO® SIX Bricks, Play Box and DUPLO® Play Box 遊戲
3. 如何由構思、計劃以至推行以積木為主導的遊戲介入手法,



地點 Venue  Let’s Go, 190 Nathan Road, Tsimshatsui
費用 Fee  HKD 1,500
 The fee includes softcopies of the tools & hands-on training materials set




樂高認真玩 LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®最獨特的地方是強調動手想(Think with Hands或稱Hand-mind connection),而樂高認真玩全程都非常強調動手思考。我們會鼓勵社工及老師們Trust your hands。想不出來的時候,讓手動一動,組合積木,是很重要的。這個技巧帶給你的活動及課堂也是100%的參與度和Lean front的積極感。。


認識及體驗LEGO®SERIOUS PLAY®的反思過程,了解以活動作解說的好處及學習當中的技巧。


~  對以活動作解說有興趣的教育工作者、社工、兒童、親子及青少年工作者或相關專業的學生

地點 Venue Let’s Go, 190 Nathan Road, Tsimshatsui
費用 Fee HKD 1,500
The fee includes SoftCopy of the tools & Hand on training materials set